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Economic Issues

A healthy economy is the primary ingredient for a high quality of life for the residents of a state. Without a healthy economy, the engine of government is starved of the funds necessary to pay for the services…

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Educational Issues

A skilled, educated workforce is essential to economic growth. By providing our children with the skills and knowledge they need, we have an opportunity to attract and create new businesses and help existing…

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Ethical Issues

The Moderate Party’s Six Point Plan. Rhode Island has a long and sorry history of public corruption. While the vast majority of our public servants do their jobs honestly and honorably, the sad truth…

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Environmental Issues

Preserving the environment is vitally important for Rhode Island, a densely populated state with an industrial past that has the major natural asset of Narragansett Bay. Stewardship of the land…

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Blog Posts

The Moderate Party of Rhode Island is dedicated to the idea that politicians should serve the best interests of the majority of the State’s residents. Those in the moderate middle want their government to provide the basic building blocks for a great quality of life: an economy that provides good jobs, school systems that provide a high quality education for our children, open and ethical government, and the preservation of our environmental assets.

For too long, Rhode Island has suffered politicians who pay more attention to narrow-interest groups, and our general quality of life has suffered as a result.

It is time to start electing honest politicians whose main purpose is to do the right thing for all Rhode Islanders.

Rhode Island’s problems are severe but not insurmountable – if we start electing a different kind of politician.

The Moderate Party – The time is now.

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