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Voter Registration

There is a simple issue at the root of Rhode Island’s problems: too many candidates who choose to run for self-interested or special-interested reasons.

The only way to fix this problem is to identify, support and elect candidates who choose to run to simply serve the best interests of the majority of Rhode Islanders. The Moderate Party seeks to bring back the concept of public service as a noble calling. We believe that ‘citizen candidate’ should populate our part-time legislature, city and town councils, and school committees.

Our candidates pledge to focus sharply on the core issues which are the most critical to most Rhode Islanders:
– How to resurrect our economy and bring jobs back to our state
– How to improve the educational experiences and outcomes for every one of Rhode Island’s public school children.

Please visit our candidate’s web pages and support them as best as you can – either with a donation or a few hours of volunteer support. We are building our grassroots $25 and one hour at a time.